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Free and Open-Source AAC For Everyone.

FreeSpeech AAC

Turn Tapping into Talking with FreeSpeech AAC

Communication goes beyond the power of speech, and FreeSpeech AAC understands this. As a free and open-source AAC (Augmentative and Alternative Communication) app, we provide a daily communication tool for children, teens, and adults who may not have the ability to speak. The development of language skills is also possible with our easy-to-navigate interface. With only a few taps after creating an account and launching the app, users can instantly start sharing their thoughts with the world.


Free Forever - FreeSpeech AAC will always be free for everyone to use. We do our best to offer premium features such as AI voice generation and file hosting to free users through community donations. We do not plan on adding a paid tier to the app, or offering paid features.

Support for iOS, Android, Mac, PC, and Linux - FreeSpeech AAC was designed to run on almost any tablet or computer, so there's no need to worry about purchasing expensive devices to access FreeSpeech AAC.

Cross-Device Sharing & Compatibility - By default all FreeSpeech AAC pages and projects are cross-compatible between devices, so if you are sharing a page between a Windows computer and an iOS device, there will be no issues with the page's layout or functionality.

Ultra-Realistic AI Generated Voices - FreeSpeech AAC uses AI generated voices via ElevenLabs to generate incredibly realisic voices for users. These voices have tonality, inflection, and emotion. These are some of the highest quality voices on the market today, and we are so excited to deliver them to you for free.

Easy-to-Use Interface - We strive to create intuitive interfaces that can be utilized by casual and advanced users to create a communication experience tailored to the user.

Secure & Open-Source - FreeSpeech AAC is 100% open-source meaning that all the source code that makes up the app is public, and can be improved and iterrated on by the community. That being said, no private user data is exposed. All user data is stored in a secure postgres database. The only data that is collected is the projects and pages a user has created, we do not store information about communication history or anything of that nature. We will never sell your information.

Text Documentation and Tutorial Videos (Coming Soon)

Expansive Symbol and Icon Library (Coming Soon)

Pre-Made AAC Projects (Coming Soon)

Shared Community AAC Projects and Pages (Coming Soon)

Complete Offline Support (Coming Soon)

Organization & Enterprise Features for Schools and Clinics (Coming Soon)